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Events - ROWO Sport Gel

ROWO Sport Gel
Cooling, soothing medicinal product
After particular physical excertion muscles and joints are often painful. RÖWO Sport-Gel cools the affected areas in an effective way which soothes the
pain. Furthermore it is suitable for supporting local treatment of painful contusions (e.g. sport injuries) and the effects of strain such as pulled muscles, sprains, bruising and inflamed ligaments (e.g. tennis elbow) as well as for treatment of insect stings and bites.
It contains Arnica which is a herbal extract and widely use to treat muscle soreness.

1 tube of 100ml of Sport Gel going for SGD21.40

5 tubes of 100ml of Sport Gel going for SGD99

1 container of 1000ml Sport Gel going for SGD150 (come with a press-pump)