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RÖWO Cold and Hot Compresses with Velcro bandage     View Detail
For therapy at home
Cold and hot compresses with velcro bandage. Suitable for microwave. For uninterrupted therapy cold/hot compresses contain two compresses. 1 compress for the therapy / 1 for the preparation. New: With 4 x longer cooling time due to Isoquat insulation. Cold application for the localised, uniform and long-lasting therapy of acute injuries and complaints such as:
  • Tendon injuries 
  • Joint, muscle and capsule inflammations
  • Tendon sheath inflammation
  • Haematomas and bruising
  • Swelling
  • Insect bites
  • Post-training regeneration and relaxation. Hot: for the localised , uniform and long-lasting therapy of chronic injuries and complaints such as: Tendon injuries, Tension, Aching muscles
  • For preparation before training
  • Stimulates local circulation

Stock: Yes 
Price: SGD$20.00

RÖWO Foot Cream     View Detail
With camomile and JHP
Foot Cream with camomile and Japanese mint oil has a cooling, deodorising, calming and caring effect and makes the skin smooth. Foot Cream helps to prevent formation of foot sores, blisters and chapped skin. Apply sparingly 1-2 times daily and rub in, ideally after a foot bath. Ingredients: camomile, camphor, mint oil  
  • Deodorising action.
  • Rebuilds the skin.
  • Removes dead cells and minimises skin hardening.
  • Prevents blisters and skin brittleness.
  • Restores dry skin by reviving its lost elasticity.
  • Deep hydration provides essential moisture to help feet withstand daily stress.

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    Stock: Yes 
    Price: SGD$15.00

    RÖWO Sport Gel 100ml     View Detail
    Cooling, soothing medicinal product
    After particular physical excertion muscles and joints are often painful. RÖWO Sport-Gel cools the affected areas in an effective way which soothes the pain. Furthermore it is suitable for supporting local treatment of painful contusions (e.g. sport injuries) and the effects of strain such as pulled muscles, sprains, bruising and inflamed ligaments (e.g. tennis elbow) as well as for treatment of insect stings and bites.

    Stock: Yes 
    Price: SGD$24.00

    ROWO Basic Massage Cream 1L     View Detail

    Basis Massage-Cream reduces friction during massage. It has good grip and contact properties and cares for the skin . Basis Massage-Cream is hydrophilic and washes off easily. Dermatologically / allergologically tested.

    Stock: Yes 
    Price: SGD$45.00

    ROWO Basic Massage Lotion 1L     View Detail

    Rowo Basis Massage-Lotion reduces friction during massage.

    It has good grip and contact properties and protects the skin of the patient as well as the therapist. Basis Massage Lotion washes off easily and is economical to use it is also dermatologically / allergologically tested.

    A favourite with all professional massage therapists.

    Stock: Yes 
    Price: SGD$38.00

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